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Precinct 1-1 (Fire House) 

Joe Wolf

Precinct 1-2 (Penndale)     Mary Fuller
Steve Malagari
Precinct 1-3 (Penndale)  


Precinct 2-1 (Methodist Church) Islam Miah

Precinct 2-2 (Elm Terrace)  Garry Herbert
  Lauren Gallagher
Precinct 2-3 (Knapp Rd. School) Rich DiGregorio
  Juliane Ramic
​Precinct 3-1 (1st Baptist Church) Mohammed Mollah
Mohammed Raham
Precinct 3-2 (Lutheran Church) 

Precinct 3-3 (York Ave. School)   Denton Burnell
  Carrie Hawkins-Charlton


Chairwoman                                                 Lauren Gallagher
Vice Chairwoman Carrie Hawkins-Charlton
Secretary/Treasurer Rachel Malagari

Committee Organization

Each political Party is entitled to two Committee Persons for each Precinct. Committee Persons are elected as members of the County Committee for their Party. Committee Persons are elected to a four year term during the Primary Election that nominates candidates for Governor (next election of Committee Persons is May 2022).​

In Montgomery County there are 425 Voting Precincts so the County Committee is organized into Area and Municipal sub-committees to facilitate operation. The Lansdale Democratic Committee is a Municipal Sub-committee of the North Penn Area Democratic Committee, which is an Area Sub-committee of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee.

When vacancies occur during a term, replacement Committee Persons are appointed by the County Committee Chairman upon recommendation of the Area Leader and the Municipal Chair.